Financial Assistance

Families fighting cancer often find themselves unable to make ends meet at the end of the month. If applicable, families receive support through our direct financial assistance program for everyday living expenses.

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The following serve as the core requirements:

  • The patient must be on active treatment or within one year of treatment in order for the family to qualify
  • In each case, a child or young adult must be impacted in a significant way. The majority of our funds are used to support families with a child (aged 17 or younger) fighting pediatric cancer. However, we also provide assistance to young adults (aged 18 to 30) living with cancer, as well as parents living with cancer who have young children (aged 17 or younger)
  • The patient or family must be represented by a healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, resource manager) who has a good understanding of how a grant will impact a family’s financial stability going forward and can serve as a liaison with Family Reach to verify the patient’s medical information and the family’s need for financial assistance
  • The patient or family, through the social worker or resource manager, must demonstrate hardship related to the financial impact of their loved one’s cancer treatment
  • Eligible expenses are considered to be necessity items, including mortgage or rent, utilities, auto-related expenses (eg, repairs, loans, and insurance payments), child care, treatment-related travel, hospital parking, etc…

In addition to these guidelines, Family Reach conducts a brief risk assessment for Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT) to direct patients to resources with the greatest potential to reduce out-of-pocket costs related to treatment.  In some scenarios, Family Reach will provide resource navigation or financial planning to patients, without providing financial assistance.

Dealing with cancer can be very challenging for families—emotionally, physically, and financially. Family Reach provides financial assistance to families facing cancer so that they can focus where it matters most. We help families cover essential costs, including:

  • Everyday needs (including mortgage, rent, car payments/insurance, utilities, etc)
  • Transportation costs to hospitals and treatment centers
  • Treatment-related lodging costs for patients—or, in some cases, for family members who need to travel to visit with loved ones undergoing treatment
  • Day care and other costs incurred when parents are required to be away from home to care for a child in treatment
  • Additional costs incurred for special needs not covered by insurance
  • Other expenses may be considered if providing financial assistance will enable parents to focus on their child getting well

Please contact Family Reach via the form below to connect with one of our Social workers. You can also download our information page to learn how our financial assistance works.

For hospital partner social workers with a current login, you may access the Grant Gateway system.

If you or your child is in treatment at one of the Family Reach’s partner hospitals, you can contact your hospital social worker about eligibility and the inquiry process.

If the person with cancer is treated at an outside hospital and meets our eligibility guidelines, then you can begin the application process by completing the form below. Someone from our Programs team will contact you about your application. We will respond to all inquiries in the order in which they were received.

Notice for patients:

We accept inquiries for financial assistance from pediatric, young adult and adult cancer patients who meet our eligibility guidelines. To help guide you through the financial side of cancer, Family Reach also offers Financial Planning and Financial Navigation services as well as a Financial Handbook, a resource for patients and caregivers written by patients and caregivers. Please also connect with your hospital social worker to learn more about other financial assistance resources.

Application for Financial Treatment Program

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