Key Holder Monthly Giving

Key Holders donate monthly to provide lasting support to families facing the financial burden of cancer.

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We are Key Holders

We know families facing cancer often have to make dangerous decisions between their health and their home. We know they scale back on groceries and cut their medications in half, hoping they can save enough to catch up on overdue bills.

We believe that, together, we can fix this. We can make sure these families keep the keys to their homes and cars safely in their hands. We can give every family a fair shot at getting to the other side of cancer.

We’re not afraid to fight for them, because that’s what families do.

Join our family

Family Reach Key Holders make a recurring monthly donation. No matter the amount, your gift lets cancer patients know they’re not alone and empowers them to access treatment, heal at home, and focus on their health. As a Key Holder, you show up for family when they need it most.

Monthly updates on your impact through Key Holder newsletters
Updates and personalized content from the families you’re supporting
Behind-the-scenes details of Family Reach’s latest happenings
Exclusive, pre-sale invitations to Family Reach events
Commemorative keychain with your monthly gift of $15 or more

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