Impact and Financials

Family Reach has spent nearly three decades helping people with cancer meet their basic needs — food, housing, transportation, and utilities. Continuous measurement and evaluation help us understand where our funds go, how our support impacts cancer experiences, and who we’re reaching with support.

Increasing Access to Financial Resources During Cancer Treatment

Our data continually proves that patients lack access to basic needs during cancer treatment.

Of the families we supported in 2023:

67% didn’t have a reliable way of getting to treatment

64% faced food insecurity

58% had lost or were at risk of losing their home

57% were behind on utility bills

After working with Family Reach in 2023:

88% of patients and caregivers said their awareness of financial resources increased

85% felt it was important to discuss financial concerns with their healthcare team

82% reported a decrease in financial distress

Words from Kristin

I am thankful for the treatment but it impacted my ability to earn money at the same time. I was overwhelmed by making ends meet.

I got current on my bills thanks to Family Reach … today I am thankfully in remission and rebuilding my strength physically, emotionally, and financially.

Reaching Diverse, Under-Resourced Communities Facing Cancer

Through partnerships with patient advocates, healthcare teams, and nonprofit organizations, we create an ecosystem of diverse, accessible, and trusted pathways to support. This allows us to gather critical patient insights and deepen our reach within communities with the greatest financial needs.

Magnifying Glass (Navy)

Zoom in:

Our on-site support in Philadelphia and community-based nonprofit partnerships around the country address the severe financial barriers faced by Black and Hispanic/Latino communities — find out more here.

Patient Demographics

Common needs:

54% Housing
58% Food
61% Transportation

Our response:

$15.4 million
distributed to families to help with rent and mortgage payments
2,225 families
could keep food on the table through grants and free food delivery codes
8,029 families
received support with travel-related costs so they could get to treatment