Give Warmth and Security to Families Facing Cancer This Holiday Season

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Photo: Jasmine and her family

Jasmine's Family

For many families, a cancer diagnosis means taking time off work, falling behind on bills, and wondering if they can afford to keep the fridge full. Especially during this time of year, families have to choose — do they pay their rent or their copays? Groceries or gifts? Heating bills or prescriptions?

Through Hope for the Holidays, our generous community comes together to help families facing cancer afford basic needs like food and housing.

Spread the magic of the season by supporting families like these with your generous holiday giving.

Annelise's Family
Annelise and family

Annelise, age 12, Florida

For Annelise and her family, cancer changed everything. Their favorite activities — fishing, walking on the beach, and exploring the outdoors — became harder when Annelise’s brain cancer caused mental and physical challenges. This new world also introduced financial stressors.

“We stopped working to take care of our daughter 24/7 and now we have thousands of dollars in credit card debt,” Annelise’s mom, Priscilla, shared. “We went from having a down payment saved up and looking for our first home to living in a Ronald McDonald Charity House.”

With the holidays approaching, Priscilla is left with a heartbreaking choice — “We want to provide a special Christmas for our fighter, but we also have to pay our bills.”

Financial support through Hope for the Holidays will allow families like Annelise’s to breathe a little easier and focus on celebrating together.

Asbel's Family
Asbel and family

Asbel, age 8, California

Asbel was diagnosed with leukemia just weeks before moving from Honduras to California with his parents and sister. Settling into their new home has now included the additional stress of month-long hospital stays, interrupted work schedules, and the risk of losing the room they rent in a shared apartment.

Support through Hope for the Holidays will help pay the family’s rent, giving them a little more breathing room for other bills and holiday celebrations.

Jasmine's Family
Jasmine and family

Jasmine, age 16, Texas

When Jasmine was a baby, she was adopted by her guardians and welcomed into a loving family — siblings Jason (17) and Mia (14) and cousins Steven (7), Faith (7), and Raymond (2).

“Sweet 16” sadly didn’t last long because Jasmine was diagnosed with leukemia five months after her birthday. Jasmine and one of her guardians relocated closer to the care center, and the family will have to be apart over the holidays while Jasmine’s treatment continues.

The family’s resources are limited since Jasmine’s guardians are senior citizens on disability. Your Hope for the Holidays support will be a source of hope and comfort when families like this need it most.

Sophy's Family
Sophy and family

Sophy, age 43, Massachusetts

With an intense treatment schedule, Sophy is balancing her appointments and side effects with caring for her two children. She has been unable to work since she was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in June, so the family of four now relies on just her husband’s income.

As their budget gets tighter, financial support means a roof over their heads, warm food on their table, and celebratory moments to take their minds off of Sophy’s treatments.

Masina and family

Masina, age 1, Washington

Masina’s family will sadly spend the holiday season apart as Masina undergoes a bone marrow transplant and rigorous post-transplant monitoring. 

During this time, Masina and her mom will stay at the care center, while her dad and three siblings remain at home two hours away. Both parents have stopped working to manage this stressful new routine.

Masina’s social worker shared, “Masina’s cancer treatment will greatly impact this family’s holiday season, and the financial support will help them buy gifts and bring some joy to their lives.”

Xavier and family

Xavier, age 5, Wisconsin

Xavier was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in October, following treatment he received for Wilms tumor. His mom, Lashanda, reduced her hours at work to manage Xavier’s treatment schedule and now worries about providing for her five children.

“Extra support will allow Lashanda to buy holiday gifts and a wonderful meal for her children,” Xavier’s social worker shared. “It will also help with other expenses she is worried about, like cleaning supplies and new winter coats.”

Through Hope for the Holidays, you can give families like Xavier’s the gift of relief, warmth, and security this

Help provide hope and relief for families as they face cancer this holiday season. Donate today!

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