During the holiday season, when most families gather to share festive meals and exchange gifts, our families face the unthinkable.


What is Hope for the Holidays?

Cancer does not recognize special occasions. This means when the holiday season rolls around, families going through treatment often experience stress rather than excitement. When faced with the financial burden of cancer, families don’t always have the luxury to spend money on warm dinners, gifts, and winter clothes.

Family Reach’s annual Hope for the Holidays program provides financial support to cancer patients and their families so they can enjoy the holiday essentials that most of us take for granted. Please join us in making a tangible difference for families in need. We greatly appreciate your support!


Family Story

Paisley is a spunky 3-year-old girl who loves to dance, cheerlead, and play with her 6-year-old brother Logan. In October of 2018, Paisley’s carefree childhood was interrupted: She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“My daughter needed me and that’s right where I was going to be,” says mom Kristen after she quit her job due to Paisley’s intense treatment needs. “My husband was working full time and even though I assumed we would struggle, I figured we could make it work.”

Shortly after Paisley’s diagnosis, a second unimaginable and unexpected tragedy struck when her dad passed away. “We went from being a two income family to a zero income family,” says Kristen. With no money coming in, and bills for everyday necessities like groceries, mortgage, electricity, and gas for transportation to the hospital piling up, Kristen struggled to keep her family afloat.

Your support for Hope for the Holidays brings joy to families like Paisley’s so they can experience the magic of the holiday season when they need it most. Thank you!

Give Hope for the Holidays so cancer doesn’t get in the way of celebrations

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Every dollar counts! Together, we ensure more cancer patients and their families can enjoy the holiday season.


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