During the holiday season, when most families gather to share festive meals and to exchange gifts, our families face the unthinkable.

Give Hope for the Holidays, and bring the holiday spirit to families battling cancer.

Give HOPE this holiday season by sponsoring an entire family:
• $1,000 supports a family of 5+
• $500 supports a family of 2-4

Every dollar counts to a family in need. Give any amount to help a family this season.

Create a personal crowdfunding page and rally friends and family to support others in need.

We’ve made raising awareness for Hope for the Holidays easy!

Download our Hope for the Holidays social tiles and fundraising toolkit today.

What is Hope for the Holidays?

Since cancer does not recognize special occasions, everyday holiday activities – enjoying a warm holiday dinner, buying gifts for children and new winter clothes – are all put on the backburner when a cancer patient is in treatment. The holiday season is devastatingly difficult for families who are struggling with the financial burden of cancer. Imagine not being able to afford a gift for your child in treatment?

To give Hope for the Holidays, Family Reach supporters can directly help families who desperately need the funds for the holiday essentials that most of us take for granted

One hundred percent (100%!) of all donations go directly to families.

If you are a family looking for Hope for the Holidays assistance, please have your hospital social worker contact Family Reach directly to determine eligibility.

A Hope for the Holidays Family Story

Ruby is an adorable, strong-willed, 4-year-old little girl who lives with her mother, father, and little brother. In 2017, Ruby was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. She immediately began an intensive treatment regimen that included chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and immunotherapy. Ruby’s cancer journey has been incredibly difficult for her family and her.

Ruby’s mom stopped working entirely to be by her daughter’s side. At the same time, Ruby’s dad lost his job due to the amount of time he was absent from work because he was present for his family. For a period of time, Ruby’s parents had zero income and struggled to stay afloat. Their loss of income coupled with increased out of pocket expenses made keeping up with the cost of living – paying for rent, groceries, and utilities – nearly impossible.

By supporting Hope for the Holidays, Ruby and her family will be able to celebrate the season during a time when they need to experience happiness and joy most.

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