Sights Set on a Strong End to 2023 — Will You Join Us?

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Family Reach CEO Carla Tardif calls on all of us to help families like Travis’ before the year is over.

Travis, age 9, leukemia
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Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in the video — a lot happened last year. We launched new funds to support families by diagnosis, formed a program to improve access to clinical trials, and deepened our reach within Black and Hispanic/Latino communities, who face the highest rates of financial distress during cancer treatment.

Behind the scenes, we defined “meeting people where they are” and how that applies to our programs. This guided our decisions to rebuild our financial support application, making it easier than ever before, and invest in initiatives that connect with patients in the communities where they live and work.

None of this could have happened without you. Your commitment to building a world where no family facing cancer has to choose — do we pay rent or buy groceries? Buy gas to get to treatment or pay the electricity bill? — fuels us each day. Thank you.

This year was one of the toughest we’ve seen for people facing cancer. We received countless calls about families forced into homeless shelters while in treatment, parents unable to afford electricity, and patients skipping meals to make rent.

Terri, a mother of three, shared, “The financial assistance saved us! Without it, my family would be on the street [during treatment]. Emotionally and financially, it took a lot off of my plate. I could breathe.”

As we enter the depths of winter, I’m keeping families like Terri’s incredibly close to my heart. Family Reach has supported more than 23,000 patients and caregivers this year, but thousands more still need our help.

We are committed to meeting their needs and raising $500,000 through our Hope for the Holidays program. My ask of you today is — will you join us?

With gratitude,


Carla Tardif

Help us reach more families facing cancer this winter — your support provides immediate relief today and sparks equitable change for tomorrow.

Carla Tardif
Chief Executive Officer • Family Reach Team

Running enthusiast, patient advocate, and CEO of Family Reach, Carla Tardif is a spirited leader who isn’t afraid to go the distance. She’s been leading the charge against the financial burden of cancer for over 15 years, making tangible impacts for cancer patients and their families through innovative solutions and collaboration.

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