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6 Reasons to Give Monthly to Nonprofit Organizations

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Here’s a nonprofit secret: Small monthly donations can have just as much impact as a large, one-time donation.

This is why monthly giving is such an important and rewarding way to show your support for the nonprofit organizations you love. Even just a few guaranteed dollars a month can help nonprofits budget and plan, making a world of difference for organizations that rely on the generosity of community members like you to bring their missions to life.

As a recurring donor, you’ll be part of the fabric of the organization, playing a direct role in reaching long-term goals and advancing the nonprofit mission. You’re truly part of the team.

Here are six reasons why giving monthly benefits you and the nonprofit organizations you choose to support:

Monthly giving benefits for donors  

Let’s start with you! Joining a monthly giving program comes with a few perks of your own.

1. Set it and forget it 

Monthly donations are automatic. That means once you sign up, you won’t have to worry about remembering to support your favorite organization. Simply enter your credit card information once and you’re all set — the only thing you have to do from there is check in to see the great work the nonprofit is doing!


2. Join an exclusive community

Monthly donors are often among a nonprofit’s biggest fans, and organizations don’t hesitate to reciprocate the love. These donors usually receive more insider information about the mission than the general group of supporters, such as personalized impact stories or swag items.

Here at Family Reach, our monthly donors — better known as Key Holders — are a dedicated community that’s a cherished extension of our family. With that comes exclusive perks, including:

    • Monthly updates on their impact through Key Holder newsletters
    • Updates and personalized content from the families they’re supporting
    • Behind-the-scenes details of Family Reach’s latest happenings
    • Exclusive, pre-sale invitations to Family Reach events
    • Commemorative keychain with your monthly gift of $15 or more

More than the red-carpet treatment and perks of an exclusive community, being a monthly donor gets you closer to the mission and allows you to be a part of one of the most important communities in the organization.

3. Make a little going a long way

No matter the amount, monthly donations can make more of a lasting impact than one-time donations. Every dollar counts for nonprofits, and a guaranteed dollar a month is always a comfort for organizations run on the generosity of others. Bottom line: Never feel obligated to make a large donation!

More than offering your chosen nonprofit a steady stream of income, smaller donations that occur throughout the year are generally more manageable for the average donor, and can make the same impact as a one-time larger gift.

Spreading out your donation may even allow you to contribute more than you originally thought. For example, spending $500 all at once might be too much for the monthly budget to handle, but if donating $50 every month is doable, you’ll actually donate $600 by the end of the year!

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Join Our Monthly Donors to Provide Lasting Support for Cancer Families

Monthly giving benefits for nonprofit organizations

A true win-win, monthly donations also offer an invaluable boost to nonprofit budgets each year. Your recurring gift will offer several benefits to the organization of your choice.

4. Provide support during slower months

While nonprofits would love to consistently break donation records every month, the reality is that there will be quieter periods throughout the year. For instance, most nonprofits bank on a slow start to the year, mainly because so many donations come in during the holiday season.

During these slower times, organizations rely on monthly donors for financial stability. So while your recurring gift directly supports the mission like a one-time donation would, it can also contribute to a rainy day fund that keeps the organization running smoothly throughout the year.

5. Allow nonprofits to run full speed ahead

From a high-level perspective, your guaranteed donation will also help nonprofit leaders develop their budget, goals, and overall plan for the year. Monthly donations live under a planned rather than estimated income bucket, which means organizations can make budget and spending decisions with more confidence.

At Family Reach, monthly donations give us the breathing room to think beyond the immediate patient support of our Financial Treatment Program, such as finding new ways to embrace our mission, introducing new initiatives, or expanding our staff.

nonprofit team celebrating

6. Plant the seeds for organization growth

The key to expanding the size and reach of a nonprofit is a dedicated group of supporters. With a loyal and passionate community of recurring donors, nonprofit teams can focus their time and resources on outreach to new supporters, corporate partners, and thought partners in their space.

And more than providing monetary support for nonprofit growth, monthly donors often inadvertently help nonprofit outreach efforts when they tell their own friends, families, and professional networks about the mission.

If you’re in the market for a meaningful investment, a recurring donation or two could be just the right move.

You can provide lasting support for families facing the financial burden of cancer. Join our Key Holder program to set up your recurring donation today!

Taylor Ribaudo
Development Manager • Family Reach Staff

As Development Manager, Taylor works to support every member of the Development Team to establish a strong understanding of Family Reach’s current supporters and the future supporters of our mission. She brings passion and enthusiasm to every project and all aspects of her life.

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