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Win-Win Collaboration: Family Reach’s Cause-Marketing Partners Raise Funds for Cancer Families

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It’s no secret the current state of our world has brought hardships upon nearly everyone. Whether it’s losing a job, a loved one, or struggling with mental health, we have all felt the weight of the pandemic.

At Family Reach, our mission is to help cancer patients overcome the financial burden that accompanies their diagnosis. Since COVID-19 struck, we’ve seen these burdens increase significantly as more and more families reach out for help. Currently, we have more than 160 families waiting to receive support from our Financial Treatment Program.

Our team is working tirelessly to support these families, and thankfully we’re not alone. In addition to the generosity of our community, we’ve teamed up with brands and companies to raise funds and awareness for our mission. We’re truly grateful for these cause-marketing efforts as they make a lasting impact for cancer patients in their own unique ways.

Check them out below and email [email protected] if you’d like to align your brand with Family Reach.

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Casey’s Kite

Written by our friend Rick Miller, “Casey’s Kite” is a picture book that shares the story of Casey and her friends as they work together to build kites that each fly in their own direction. “Casey learns the courage to build her own kite, the serenity to surrender when she has no control, and the wisdom to swap help with others.”

Miller shares that this book reminds us all that everyone is capable of teaching and helping someone else, just as everyone we meet can do the same for us. This lesson rings true always, but the importance of helping one another during this time of uncertainty means even more. ALL author proceeds from this book will be donated directly to Family Reach!


MAY11 is a line of of luxurious, all-natural hair care essentials that deliver professional-level results. Launched in 2017, they have been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Allure and are quickly expanding. Their talented founder, Romina Manenti, strongly believes in the clean beauty movement and giving back.

We have been grateful to partner with MAY11 since March 2020. For every order they process, $1.00 is donated directly to our mission to support cancer patients and their families. You can find them on Instagram or check our their site below!


CareAline was started in 2012 with the goal of improving patient safety, comfort, and healing. It was founded by Kezia Fitzgerald and her husband, who are previous recipients of Family Reach’s Financial Treatment Program. “We’ve been battling cancer as a family for nearly ten years, and Family Reach has been an amazing resource,” said CIO Kezia Fitzgerald.

They created CareAline as a way to give back to the cancer community and chose to partner with us to expand that reach even further. This is the perfect place to order masks for you and your loved ones! When you shop their site, use the code “FamilyReach” to receive 10% off. Each time the code is used, $2.00 will be donated to our organization.


Kidfund is a child-focused financial technology company with a mission to help kids build meaningful savings through their social networks. Their goal is to give them a more financially secure future while teaching them the practice and value of charity.

The Kidfund app is free to use and allows families to create free savings accounts for their children. They can then invite their network of friends and family to support their savings goals through cash-gifting while allocating a portion of their gifts to the charity of their choice.

Each month, Kidfund partners with mission-aligned charitable organizations bringing meaningful impact to children and families. This August, Kidfund chose to partner with Family Reach! Visit their site to learn more and download the app.

Thank you to our partners! Visit to learn more about our mission.

Autumn K. Dube
Senior Marketing Manager • Family Reach Staff

As Senior Marketing Manager at Family Reach, Autumn ensures brand consistency and oversees all digital marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and influencer relationships. She believes in authentic living, and a combination of hard work and magical thinking.

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