Family Reach is a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer.

Family Reach is a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer. For over two decades Family Reach has been shining a spotlight on the financial burden of cancer, helping families with a sick child or parent manage the overwhelming financial and emotional side effects of the disease. Working in close collaboration with a network of more than 145 hospitals nationwide, Family Reach provides immediate assistance, education and outreach to qualified families, distributing millions in financial grants to directly help families in need.

Family Reach grants help cover costs such as:

Mortgage or rent payments


Ensuring a safe, secure shelter and preventing eviction



Covering the costs of transportation, auto repairs, and other travel expenses to help families access critical treatment



Keeping the heat, electricity, and water running to provide a home environment focused on healing and recovery

Uncovered medical expenses


Providing assistance with certain medical expenses that are not covered by insurance to ensure that the best treatments are accessible

Everyday expenses


Caring for families fighting cancer by covering everyday living expenses, such as groceries