Family Reach Announces Renee Nicholas as Vice President of Healthcare Alliances

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Family Reach has hired Renee Nicholas as the Vice President of Healthcare Alliances. In this new role, Renee will lead the development of strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations and nonprofits, expanding our collaborative efforts to achieve a deeper impact within the cancer community.

Renee’s experience supporting a family member with cancer inspired her career as a cancer advocate, which began at the Livestrong Foundation. At Livestrong, Renee dedicated 14 years in the corporate partnership division, ultimately becoming director of the department. She then took her leadership skills to Stand Up to Cancer, where she served as the Vice President of Advocacy and Strategic Collaborations. There, Renee led relationship development initiatives with research and advocacy partners, focusing on building diversity and equity within clinical trials.

“I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Renee several times over the years, and I am so excited that she is joining our Family Reach team,” shared Carla Tardif, CEO. “Her experience and understanding of the cancer landscape brings an invaluable perspective to our work.”

Renee’s passion and expertise seamlessly aligns with our mission. Her leadership will guide us through the next stages of growth as we look to deepen our impact.

“I truly value Family Reach’s clear vision and collaborative approach,” Renee expressed. “I look forward to working alongside this team to improve the lives of those facing cancer.”

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