2021 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

August 2021
Falmouth, MA

Head Down the Cape with Reach Athletes for the 2021 New Balance Falmouth Road Race!

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2020, this small-town race with worldwide appeal attracts tens of thousands of people to Cape Cod for a quintessential New England running experience. Cover the storied “7.0” miles from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights, all while raising funds for families facing the financial burden of cancer and making an impact far beyond the seafood shacks and lighthouses.

Push the limits. Persist through the pain. Power forward. It’s what Reach Athletes do. It’s also what our cancer heroes and their families must do as they face months of uncertainty and devastating financial barriers. Their courage and strength inspire Reach Athletes to train, overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward. Think you have what it takes?

Being a Reach Athlete for the 2020 New Balance Falmouth Road Race means getting a top-of-the-line race experience while making a difference in the lives of cancer patients across the country.

All Reach Athletes receive:

  • Pre-paid race registration into the New Balance Falmouth Road Race
  • Extensive one-on-one, personalized fundraising support, including a toolkit for success
  • Regular communication with Family Reach, including bi-weekly emails and video calls with the team
  • Reach Hero Inspiration: Our patients and families will inspire you throughout your training
  • Race training support and professional coaching
  • A Reach Athlete inspirational dinner
  • A Reach Athlete race singlet and branded apparel

All of our runners commit to fundraise a certain amount for Family Reach as a part of their participation in the 2020 New Balance Falmouth Road Race. Priority will be given to runners who pledge over and above to required fundraising minimums.


Nonprofit Runners
Nonprofit Runners do not have a bib and will be provided access to one by Family Reach.

$1,500 Fundraising Minimum: Includes a complimentary pre-paid entry into the Falmouth Road Race.


Registered Runners
Registered Runners do not need a bib from Family Reach and have already secured their own invitational entry.

$1,000 Fundraising Minimum: Includes a registration credit to cover the cost of your Falmouth Road Race Entry

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Family Reach is an official member of the Numbers for Nonprofits program for the 2020 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

We help patients and their families combat Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT). Basically, CRFT refers to the overwhelming costs that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Yes, there’s the growing stack of medical bills. But more than that, patients and caregivers often have to stop working during treatment. 

This loss of income, coupled with increasing out-of-pocket expenses, makes it difficult for families to pay their everyday bills (think: mortgage, gas for the car, groceries, Wi-Fi, and so on). And that’s where Family Reach comes in!