In this resource video, Carla Tardif, Family Reach CEO, and Jennifer Lorencovitz, Senior Manager of Resource Navigation at Family Reach, share advice on how to ask for help during a cancer diagnosis. Read through the bullet points below to take the first steps toward navigating the financial side of a cancer diagnosis.

How to navigate the financial burden of cancer

1. Identify your financial needs early on, don’t be afraid to ask for help

2. Pick a friend or someone on your hospital care team, like a social worker, who can help you find viable resources so you can better focus on the care you or your loved one needs

3. Set up a budget and reference our Financial Handbook to learn helpful tips

4. Contact your creditors and mortgage company to see if you can modify your loan or set up payment plans

5. Utilize our Financial Planning for Cancer Program. Get matched for free with one of our certified financial planners to better learn how to manage cash flow and debt during these challenging times

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