John Krasinski’s 40th Birthday Raises Half a Million Dollars for Cancer Patients

When a birthday celebration turns into a week-long event, you know it’s the party to be at. And that’s exactly what John Krasinski did with #JKBday. He launched the day of giving on his birthday, October 20, and officially announced the grand total of $500,000 on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the end of the week. Let me say that again … half a million dollars raised in a matter of days. 

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Our team, families, and community can’t say thank you enough, John, for dedicating your 40th birthday to the Family Reach mission! Because of you, we are reaching more families in need and wiping away the shame that often accompanies the financial side of cancer. 

Let’s talk impact

More than the money raised, #JKBday introduced Family Reach to new audiences and created a ground-swell that is already carrying our organization to new heights. There are numbers to prove it!

#JKBday in numbers


Individuals can now be supported


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People donated in one week


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JKBday page views in just 24 hours

In addition to the stream of celebrity tweets and interactions, #JKBday was highlighted in more than 52 media outlets! These include People Magazine, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Mashable, and Now This

Making cancer patients feel heard

#JKBday inspired cancer patients and their families to share their stories on social media. Some patients posted photos of themselves in treatment while others came forward and talked about the financial hardships they’ve faced as a result of cancer. Needless to say, their bravery shined through.

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Talking about Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT), the financial barriers that accompany a cancer diagnosis, shouldn’t have to feel isolating. The sad reality is, a third of the 1.73 million people diagnosed with cancer each year will experience some element of it. #JKBday helped raise awareness for this national crisis, letting families know they’re not alone.

Thank you, John!


Family Reach has been leading the charge against CRFT for more than 22 years. We put our families first, which is something you quickly embodied with #JKBday. Thank you for being part of our team in such a big way. The birthday celebrations may be winding down, but the impact you’ve had will never fade.

You can still join the celebrations! John is keeping his Venmo (@JKBday) open until the end of October.

Autumn K. Dube
Senior Marketing Manager • Family Reach Staff

As Senior Marketing Manager at Family Reach, Autumn ensures brand consistency and oversees all digital marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and influencer relationships. She believes in authentic living, and a combination of hard work and magical thinking.

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