Family Reach recently launched a new program to help supporters like you create a greater and sustainable impact for cancer families. Our new monthly giving initiative, the Key Holder Program, harnesses the generosity and compassion of our entire network to provide significant, long-term support for families facing the financial burdens of cancer. Families fighting cancer can’t put their bills on hold each month, and our Key Holders know this better than anyone. That’s what makes them such a unique group of supporters.

KeyHolders_websitebanner_3.31.16 For as little as $15 a month, members of the Family Reach community can unite together to bring about significant change for families facing cancer across the United States.

My husband and I support Family Reach because they provide assistance with the things that keep families going!  The behind-the-scenes bills and services that are needed to get well and move forward are what people don’t always think about when you hear the word CANCER, but Family Reach does.

With our busy schedules, the monthly deduction helps us to donate to a most worthy cause – FAMILY REACH! Knowing that we have joined forces with other compassionate people determined to help families is really something special. I encourage everyone who is aFamily Reach supporter to join.”

– Mary Ellen Cavanaugh, Key Holder

By joining Family Reach in such a special way, Key Holders get an behind-the-scenes perspective of our mission, programs and the special families that we serve. Learn more and become a Key Holder today!

The Key Holder Program will allow Family Reach to lay the groundwork for years to come. As a year-long giving initiative, the program will support the ever increasing number of families seeking support from us each year.

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