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As the pandemic slows and our world opens up again, many of us are eager to find a renewed way of living. Cancer patients don’t have that luxury.

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The pandemic forced many people to stay home, which caused families to cancel or postpone necessary screenings. As a result, there’s now an overwhelming amount of undiagnosed and untreated cancers, especially among vulnerable communities. Just as people thought they could put a devastating year behind them, they’re now hearing news about a late-stage diagnosis and life-threatening financial side effects.

The financial losses caused by COVID-19 combined with this new wave of financial crisis deeply affects a patient’s chance at survival. Now is not the time to leave the cancer community behind.

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Renée from CA

Renée from CA

Single mom to Ava, preschool teacher, and two-time cancer survivor, 35-year-old Renée was ready to return to work and get back on her feet after finishing her most recent treatment plan. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic had a different idea, and she’s now at risk of getting deep into debt until she can start working again.

Triston from WA

Triston from WA

Triston was a freshman in college when his leg broke and the doctors discovered he had cancer. As he undergoes treatment, his mom had to stop working to become his full-time caregiver - cutting their families income in half. They have no choice but to borrow money against their home to pay for unexpected expenses - like going to the gas station more frequently to get to and from treatment and getting therapeutic treatment for Triston’s younger sibling who is struggling with the diagnosis. They continue to face financial barriers.

Nova from AL

Nova from AL

With chemotherapy treatment and eye surgery scheduled on a monthly basis, baby Nova has endured more in one year than many do in their entire lifetimes. When she was diagnosed with stage IV retinoblastoma at just six-months-old, her mom had to quit her job to be Nova’s primary caregiver. Even with her dad still working full-time, the family wiped out a significant amount of their savings and increased financial hardships due to COVID.

Lyla from MA

Lyla from MA

After being diagnosed with retinoblastoma, Lyla had to undergo surgery to remove one of her eyes. She lives with her mom, Meghan, and they recently moved in with her grandparents after her dad passed away.

Now Lyla's full-time caregiver, Meghan is unable to work and this has resulted in significant income loss for her family. "I'm just trying to stand on my own two feet while processing the trauma that has stacked up," Meghan shared.

For 25 years, we’ve seen these financial barriers affect patients’ chances of survival. We have the financial resources to break down these barriers, but we need your help to reach more families with this life-saving support.

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