An active lifestyle disrupted

Name: Sergey
Age at diagnosis: 15 years
Diagnosis: Stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma
How Family Reach helped: Grant to help cover a car payment and utilities

At 15 years old, Sergey Bogachova learned that he had Stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma. The boy who competed in the Junior Olympics at age 10, lifted weights for fun, and loved sports suddenly underwent a complete lifestyle change. Neck pain was the first sign something was wrong. The family initially thought the pain was from weight lifting, but when it became severe, Sergey’s single mother, Inessa, took him to the doctor. “We never came home,” Inessa said. “He had surgery the next day.”

For the first time, Inessa forgot about bills. She spent every moment thinking about Sergey and his health. Unable to return to her job as a teacher, payments began to pile up and she canceled everything she could: cable, high-speed Internet, student loans, credit cards, you name it. Her 3 sons—Daniel, Alexander, and Sergey—understood. Still, Inessa needed help. Her social worker at Colorado Children’s Hospital put her in touch with Family Reach, which quickly provided a grant for her car payment and remaining utility bills. “I am just so relieved so I can concentrate on Sergey getting well,” said Inessa.

Sergey was the Family Reach featured guest at the premiere “Cooking Live!” Denver event. He prepped, cooked, and plated alongside Celebrity Sous-Chef and Hollywood actor Jeffrey Donovan, which was a delight to Sergey who had 1 wish at the hospital when he was first diagnosed: to meet an actor. Family Reach was thrilled to connect Sergey with Jeffrey Donovan, who was personally moved by getting to know Sergey and his mother.

Last update: September 19, 2014