Ryan Comerford

Boston Marathon runner 2015

Ryan Comerford came to Family Reach excited to run his first marathon and prepared to fundraise for our mission. Having grown up in New England, Ryan has admired the grit of the Boston Marathon and was eager to tackle this challenge head on. He found out about Family Reach through his friend Brendan, who ran in 2014 in honor of Junior, a boy whose family we helped while Junior was in treatment. This year, Ryan runs for Jevon, a 12-year-old boy going through cancer treatment. The pair spent a whole afternoon at Tufts Floating Hospital for Children talking about sports and getting to know each other. Jevon even taught Ryan a thing or two about playing cards, and proceeded to beat him in nearly every game they played!

Meeting Jevon was a game-changer for Ryan. With a little more force behind every stride, Ryan approaches the 2015 Boston Marathon with determination, strength and a lot of heart for Jevon and Family Reach.