Rebecca Lobb

Vice President of Programs and Research

My role at Family Reach is: Continuously refine and evaluate our Financial Treatment Program which includes financial education, financial navigation, financial coaching, and financial assistance for cancer patients and their families to ensure that our Program successfully mitigates financial distress and subsequent problems associated with cancer treatment (i.e. adherence to medication, delays in care, or forgoing care).

Family Reach inspires me because: The organization makes an immediate and direct impact on improving the lives of cancer patients through mitigating financial distress in a way that no other organization in the United States is doing.

The most unusual thing I’ve done for my job is: During my first week at family reach I participated in teambuilding and idea generating activities that were unexpectedly fun! The activities were a refreshing change from the structure of my academic career, yet extremely effective in clarifying how Family Reach can creatively achieve its mission. During one exercise I had to decipher a word written on a post-it note, that was stuck to my back, by asking my colleagues questions. In another activity, I was asked to cut-out words and images from magazines with a team of colleagues to create a story board to define the problems that we fix at Family Reach Foundation.

When I’m not at Family Reach you can find me: Gardening, trying new restaurants, visiting favorite restaurants, trying to replicate recipes from great restuarants, and hiking. Last year we spent a week in Banff National Park enjoying the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and trying to work-off all those calories gained from eating such great food!

Most people don’t know that I: I am an introvert.

If I could spend time with one person, past or present, it would be: There are so many people to choose from in my personal life and in the public eye. Right now I’m reading Eleanor Roosevelt’s book titled, You Learn by Living so if I had to choose one person it would be her. Eleanor Roosevelt inspires me because of her tenacious pursuit for social justice. She lived during a time in history when women were considered an extension of their husbands, without individual purpose. Yet through her volunteerism and conviction for social justice she was able to bring domestic issues of poverty, health care quality and civil rights to the attention of the president and his cabinet members to influence policy. I would love to talk with her about the programs that might help us navigate these same issues today.

One item I’d like to check off my bucket list: Work for a mission driven non-profit organization that makes an immediate and direct impact on improving cancer care for patients. Guess that means that this is my dream job!