James Quirk

Graphic Design & Website Manager

My role at Family Reach is: Graphic Design & Web Manager. I oversee all things web and design and make sure Family Reach looks amazing everywhere!

Family Reach inspires me because: Though sometimes the impact of design can be difficult to quantify, it is an amazing feeling to know that all I do is directly supporting and representing the Family Reach mission and the families we help. This pushes me to give a little extra every day.

The most unusual thing I’ve done for my job is: During undergrad, I worked at an arena where I took tickets & ushered. I got to see behind the scenes of many events like Two Door Cinema Club, BU Hockey events, and Cirque Du Soleil. At one point I was scheduled for 13 Disney On Ice shifts, and since I worked the floor most of the shows, I can now confidently say that I have seen Disney on Ice 13 times in a row. I can probably still recite more Disney songs than I’m proud of.

When I’m not at Family Reach you can find me: In a coffee shop designing or at home writing music. I love creating art/content/music constantly. If I’m not doing that I’ll be off the grid hiking in New Hampshire—my favorite hike of all time is Mount Chocorua.

Most people don’t know that: I lived in Asia for Eight years of my life—2 years in Japan and 6 in Singapore.

If I could spend time with one person, past or present, it would be: Gary Vaynerchuk. He has an incredibly inspiring and practical take on not just marketing, but life as well. He believes gratitude and humility are the keys to success & happiness. Though sometimes he can seem “intense”, I recommend watching at least one or two of his talks. Some other notable mentions include Tim Ferris, Tom Bilyeu, and Simon Sinek.

One item I’d like to check off my bucket list: Traveling to Australia!