Devin Traxler

Resource Navigator

My role at Family Reach is: Resource Navigator.

Family Reach inspires me because: The value of having financial peace of mind when facing an acute medical crisis is something that is so important to families. I’m so inspired that Family Reach is able to provide that for so many!

The most unusual thing I’ve done for a job is: Participated in a Mardi Gras Parade through the building- 20 little kids in cardboard box “floats” handing out beads is potentially the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

When I’m not at Family Reach, you can find me: Reading, at the gym, or spending time with my pets.

Most people don’t know that I: Performed during the pre-game of Super Bowl XLVI.

If I could spend the day with one person, past or present, it would be: Vincent Van Gogh; I am inspired by the beauty and expressiveness he put into his art. I’d love to tell him how much people love his work now compared to in his day.

One item I’d like to check off my bucket list: Visiting all 7 continents!