Daisy Elder

Chief Emotional Officer

My role at Family Reach is: Chief Emotional Officer.

Family Reach inspires me because: It’s made up of an incredible group of humans that are continuously striving to positively impact the lives of others.

The most unusual thing I’ve done for my job is: Judge a smoothie contest. I’m usually only interested in chicken!

When I’m not at Family Reach you can find me:  At a local park, checking out the Arnold Arboretum, cuddling on the couch, or if my humans are away, my fairy-dog mother’s house!

Most people don’t know that: I am originally from Louisiana. I was luckily adopted and brought to Massachusetts in 2015.

If I could spend time with one person, past or present, it would be: My humans. I have slight separation anxiety.

One item I’d like to check off my bucket list: Move to the suburbs. I like the city, but the craziness is getting to me in my older age. I’m a big fan of good old-fashioned, fenced-in yard and peace and quiet.