Myrna Velez

Community Ambassador

When Myrna Velez was 22, she lost a close friend to leukemia and wanted to do something of true value and meaning to honor her friend. She learned about Family Reach through Rick Morello, Sr. when they crossed paths at ADP Insurance. Myrna felt an instant connection, explaining that “so much money was going towards finding a cure, that people were forgetting about the financial strain people were going through. I saw the Family Reach Foundation as the warriors, the good, fighting the evil of cancer. Together, we are shoring up the offense to help families be successful in battling cancer.”

A Reach Athlete and Family Reach Community Ambassador, Myrna has been involved with the foundation for nearly 8 years. Myrna started conquering triathlons, biathlons, and the Family Reach 5K and Family Fun Run in support of Family Reach. Most recently, Myrna began completing Spartan Races and other all-out challenges along the East Coast.

Myrna hopes to show the younger generations the importance of being involved with a mission that reaches far beyond them. She believes in the importance of paying it forward and hopes to inspire other busy, hard-working families to make helping others an unconditional part of their lives, “as important as going to work…cooking dinner…as breathing.”