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Four-year-old Harper is a smiley social butterfly who loves dancing on her tippy toes during ballet class. She was just five months into being a big sister when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Harper’s mom took unpaid leave to be her daughter’s full-time caregiver, meaning there’s less money coming in and a lot more going out to pay for treatment costs.

Matt & Yi

After years of schooling, working, and saving to make a life together, Matt and Yi – research scientists and college sweethearts – found their lives come to halt when Matt was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Faced with increasing expenses and medical bills, they could no longer afford the life they had been planning.


When Alexis became a single mom to a beautiful baby boy, he was the center of her world. When she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just a few short months later, her new reality shifted drastically. As treatment costs quickly drain her savings, Alexis has to worry about how she’s going to keep her little family afloat.


When Maximus’ baby sister was born, his parents used their paid leave benefits. Just five months later, Maximus was diagnosed with cancer. Now his dad is relying on donated paid leave from coworkers, while his mom is taking unpaid time off. As a result, money will be especially tight until Maximus can leave the hospital and his parents resume full-time work.


One night this past June, Matthew had a seizure that landed him in the ER. He found out he had a brain tumor and has since endured surgery, radiation, regular MRIs, and brain, vision, and walking complications. As a father of four children under 16 and the primary earner for his family, Matthew and his wife are concerned about paying their bills in the coming months.


Emma was in her first year of college when she found out she had very high risk B-cell leukemia. With 2.5 years of chemotherapy on the horizon, she’s currently unable to work or go to class. Emma has to rely on her parents to cover her monthly payments, meaning the financial burden of cancer is quickly spreading to her family.


A spunky toddler who loves superheroes and playing with her siblings, Penny has a contagious spirit in spite of her recent cancer diagnosis. For her parents, the treatment costs are only adding to the physical, emotional, and mental stress of having a daughter with cancer, forcing them to miss payments each month. 


Renee is a single mother of two daughters, aged 17 and 10, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Her treatment requires multiple surgeries, and she quickly ran out of paid leave for her recovery periods. This is in addition to draining her savings in the first few months of treatment, making it even harder to keep her family afloat.


Diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2019, 14-year-old Morgan experienced a very different summer than his fellow teenagers. He lives nearly two hours away from the hospital, which means his mom has to manage not only medical costs, but also additional transportation costs along with the usual rent, groceries, and other daily living expenses.


This little one has endured a cancer diagnosis and a relapse all before his second birthday. With a hospital admission estimated at two months or more, Jacob’s parents will experience an extended period of reduced income as they care for Jacob as well as their other two young children. 


The youngest of three, Rashad was diagnosed with brain cancer in April of this year. To be by Rashad’s side during treatment, his parents have both been working limited hours. With less income coming in and more money going out for Rashad’s medical bills, the family is struggling to afford living essentials as important as their monthly utilities. 


After being diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, Kensi began to endure months of intensive treatment at a hospital in a different state from where she and her family live. While she was recently able to return home, she must go back to the out-of-state hospital every few weeks. After all the unexpected medical and travel expenses, Kensi’s parents are increasingly worried about coming up with the money month after month.


For 29-year-old Randall, his multiple myeloma diagnosis means putting work on hold, moving in with his mom and stepdad, and struggling to cover expenses like child support on top of his medical bills. Just three weeks after Randall received his diagnosis, his stepfather was also diagnosed with cancer, which only added to the family’s emotional and financial distress. 


When Noah was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, it rocked his mom’s world. Financially, she experienced reduced income from missing work to take Noah to appointments and summer tutoring lessons. Already behind on her utility bills, she feared the very real possibility of the electricity, hot water, and other necessities being shut off.


Stephanie is a mother of two who has been hit with a whirlwind of personal and financial concerns. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer and separated from her spouse, Stephanie is adjusting to having a single income that is quickly and repeatedly interrupted due to her treatment needs. 

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