Guest Blogging Guidelines

We’re opening the Family Reach blog up to different voices so we can dive deeper into a wider range of topics and share more perspectives with our readers. Plus, we’re thrilled to offer you a platform to share your expertise with a new audience.

Thank you for adding your voice to our blog! Here’s everything you need to know before you start writing:

The Basics

  • Aim for 600 – 1000 total words
  • Include a suggested title
  • Include 3-5 subheadings to help organize and break up the copy
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, or other elements to break up the copy, if applicable
  • Use the Oxford comma
  • Follow Family Reach spelling for nonprofit
  • Use uppercase abbreviations without periods
    • Examples: Carla Tardif, CEO, and Sarah Smith, MSN, RN
  • Spell out numbers under 10, and use the numerical value for 10 and above
    • Exception: Always use a number when referencing a statistic, such as 4% or 1 in 3 cancer patients
  • Include financial education or advice as it relates to cancer whenever possible
  • Use first names only when referring to cancer patients or caregivers to protect their privacy
  • Include a backlink to your own website, if you’d like, but please do not exceed four external hyperlinks
  • Hyperlink the original source if you reference a statistic, quote, article, journal, or other research
  • Respect the submission deadlines

Writer Bio

Please include a brief, 1-3 sentence bio and high-quality headshot to accompany your byline.

Tone and Voice

We use casual, informative language on our blog, and we are always mindful of empowering our readers rather than talking at or down to them. While we welcome your voice and expertise, please keep the Family Reach brand in mind. Take a peek at other articles on our blog to get a feel for our tone and messaging.


Please include a few high-quality images relevant to your piece, if possible. Any format is fine – the big rule here is that we cannot use low-resolution photos.

Blog Submission

Send your draft in a Word document or Google Doc to [email protected] by the agreed-upon deadline. Please include your bio, headshot, and other photos in this email as well. Family Reach will review the article and make any necessary edits. You will have a chance to review the final version before it is published.

Please note that publication is not guaranteed. Family Reach reserves the right to reject a guest blog that is not in line with our tone, mission, or blog goals. Additionally, plagiarized content will not be tolerated.

Blog Promotion

We will share the link to your article and tag you and/or your organization on Family Reach social media channels, and we expect you to do the same. We will keep you updated on our publishing schedule so you can plan to promote your article on your personal and business accounts. Please tag @familyreach in your posts.

Thank you again. We’re looking forward to reading and sharing your blog!