Key Holder Blog Image (2)We spend a lot of time raising awareness about the widespread effect of the financial burden of cancer. Our passionate community understands there are thousands of families unable to access care because of lost income and overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses. To some of our supporters, this knowledge can be overwhelming. Our community continues to ask: How Can I Help? and What Impact Will I Even Have? With so many families facing extreme financial hardship, it’s understandable that the average person believes they may not be able to make a true difference.

To empower these supporters and celebrate the power of collective impact, we launched our first recurring gift platform: The Key Holder Program. Now, the average person can have an extraordinary impact on the Family Reach mission.

Within the Key Holder community, Family Reach has been truly fortunate to witness the tremendous impact that this group of caring people has on the everyday lives of cancer patients and their families. With their monthly commitment, each individual Key Holder plays a major role in supporting families struggling with the financial burden of cancer who turn to Family Reach for help. Our supporters have seen first hand what impact their small commitment can make when combined with the donations of other, like-minded individuals.

Since the launch of the Family Reach Key Holder Program in April, more than 50 individuals have come together and in just three months, the Key Holder community has stabilized the housing of five families facing cancer. Five families who could not afford to pay their rent or mortgage are in their homes today because of the Key Holders. Amazing!

Our youngest Key Holder, Connor, is a college student in Massachusetts. When he realized that his donation of $15 a month had kept a roof over the head of another family in his community, he put it in perspective for us:

“I took one less trip out to eat and I kept a family with cancer in their home. I can’t believe it.”

Join Connor and the fifty other extraordinary individuals who have jumped in to play a part in this movement at

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