Thank You Biden Cancer Initiative

Carla Tardif with Dr. Jill and Joe BidenWith the news that the Biden Cancer Initiative (BCI) will be suspending its operations, I wanted to thank the organization for the support it has provided Family Reach through our partnership. All that they have built will continue to flourish and grow. The cancer community must forge forward and carry out their mission, rooted in collaboration.

BCI’s call for action helped shape the launch of Family Reach’s Financial Treatment Program in 2018. They pushed us to be more solutions-based and this program does exactly that — focusing on areas that are critical to cancer patients’ financial health.

The seeds they planted and the relationships that were formed brought the LiFT Network to fruition, aligning like-minded nonprofits across the nation with the common goal to eliminate Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity.

Together, we have shared the importance of putting the patient first and understanding the crippling financial challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

The programs BCI forged were intended to have a lasting effect on cancer patients and their families. From the research collaborations to the patient facing organizations, they built partnerships that offer hope for new cancer breakthroughs and wrap-around financial and emotional support services for patients.

There is so much more to be done. But we cannot do it alone. Industry leaders, cancer patients and caregivers, and the community at large must continue to band together so everyone can have a fair shot at getting to the other side of cancer.

Thank you, BCI, for igniting a spark within us all.

With gratitude,

Carla Tardif, Family Reach CEO

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