Reach Athletes Crush Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon

On Sunday, July 21, Reach Athletes ventured to wine country to run the Napa-to-Sonoma Half Marathon. I had the pleasure of capturing the event and spending the weekend with the runners who came together from California, New England and Illinois. And what an incredible weekend it was!

The team raised more than $86,000 for patients and their families who are facing the financial burden of cancer. Watching them share stories over dinner, hang out by the pool, and courageously cross that finish line reminded me of the joy of being part of something greater than yourself.

Raising funds and training for a half marathon can be intimidating. I watched a few of my coworkers on the team balance working full-time, caring for loved ones, and fundraising all while following their training plans. Yes, it’s a big commitment, but after watching them experience Napa together, it’s so clear that the reward outweighs the rest.

Remembering why they run

During a team dinner on Saturday, Reach Athlete Rina shared the story of her son Lucas and his cancer journey before he passed away in May 2016. We learned about Lucas’s love for firetrucks and his ability to spark joy in others. She told us that his nickname was ‘Bear’ and how he loved being with his friends during his short time in school. It quickly became apparent that he learned his inclusive ways from his mom.

Rina’s transparency and heartfelt story strengthened the team bond in a truly unique way. In this moment, everyone was reminded of the ‘why’ behind their motivation for running. Whether it was for someone in their heart or for families like Rina’s, the team pushed forward and completed the course with smiles on their faces.

Thank you to the incredible Reach Athletes who take on these challenges so patients can receive the support they need to get to the other side of cancer.

Take a peek at the photos below to get an inside look at Napa. And if you’re ready to make an impact, learn how you can join Reach Athletes in Las Vegas this fall!

Napa to sonoma marathon
Reach Athletes ventured around the wine expo in Sonoma the day before the race
Rina giving a short speech about her son's cancer journey
Rina (right) sharing the story of her son Lucas to her teammates
Reach athlete team members
Team members after enjoying a delicious dinner together
Reach Athlete jumping in air
Amanda Bruneau, Family Reach’s Community Engagement Manager, clearly excited for race day
Family Reach team
Our Napa team smiling for photos amidst falling off the giant blow-up chair!
Reach Athletes standing in wine vineyard in Napa
Lauren and Erin enjoying the scenic wine vineyards before the race begins
Lee jumping for joy at the halfway point!
Lee jumping for joy at the halfway point!
Kasey running through the finish line
Kasey celebrating her accomplishment of finishing the half marathon!
More members of the team sharing in the joy of crossing the finish line
More members of the team sharing in the joy of crossing the finish line
Wine glasses cheersing
Cheers to our incredible Reach Athletes for pushing their limits and making a tangible impact for cancer fighters!

It’s not too late to help this team make an even greater impact! Donate today

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