#MissionMonday, Meet Our Partners: The Farmer’s Hen

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It’s unlikely that you would expect to read about eggs on the Family Reach blog, but we have some very egg-citing news to share with you this #MissionMonday! (We couldn’t resist.) Our partners take many shapes and sizes, but what unites them is a commitment to families fighting cancer. They each provide Family Reach with critical support and insight that plays a key role in our ability to achieve and grow our mission.


Today we announce the launch of a cause marketing partnership with CMC Food. CMC, an egg distribution company headquartered in New Jersey, has been a long time partner of Family Reach. They’ve sponsored a number of our events including New Jersey Golf and Cooking Live! more times than we can count. We have always been so grateful for their support and are thrilled to announce that this year, we’re giving YOU a way to get involved in the exciting next chapter of our collaboration.

The Farmer’s Hen, owned and operated by CMC Food, offers certified humane, cage free and organic eggs, with no antibiotics and no artificial growth hormones. Born in the USA, the eggs are USDA Certified Organic and 100 percent cage free to give consumers peace of mind in choosing the healthiest eggs for their meals.

For every purchase of a carton of The Farmer’s Hen eggs, CMC Food will donate a portion of the proceeds to Family Reach. This spans the entire product line from The Farmer’s Hen – both organic and inorganic eggs in 6, 12 or 18 packs.

This additional financial support from CMC Food will have a huge impact on our ability to reach more families who need financial assistance and resources while facing a cancer diagnosis. Thank you, CMC Food and The Farmer’s Hen!

To learn more about The Farmer’s Hen, please visit www.thefarmershen.com. The Farmer’s Hen is available for purchase in the following states:

Connecticut: Shoprite, IGA, Big Y, Pricerite, Adam’s

Delaware: Shoprite

Maine: Hannaford

Maryland: Shoprite

Massachusetts: Big Y, Pricerite, America’s Food Basket, Sudbury Farms, Trucchi’s, Roche Bros, Crosby’s, Donelan’s, McKinnon’s, Hannaford

New Hampshire: Hannaford, Pricerite, McKinnon’s, Harvest Market

New Jersey: Shoprite, Pricerite, Foodtown, IGA, Best Market, King’s

New York: Shoprite, Best Yet Markets, Keyfood, America’s Food Basket, King Kullen, Hannaford, IGA, Best Market, Foodtown

Pennsylvania: Shoprite, IGA, Pricerite, Foodtown

Rhode Island: Dave’s Market, IGA, America’s Food Basket, Brigido’s

Vermont: Hannaford

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