Omaze and Family Reach: Partners in Creative Fundraising and Awareness Campaigns

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When our friend Emily Blunt introduced us to Omaze at the end of 2019, we knew it was the beginning of an impactful partnership. Aligning Family Reach with other nonprofits and businesses who believe in the power of community has always played a key role in how we effectively support cancer patients – and Omaze was a perfect fit.

Omaze exists to empower nonprofits by offering dream-come-true experiences that anyone can enter for a chance to win. From hanging with celebrities to jetting off on tropical vacations, the prizes they offer are not only extraordinary, but they also all benefit a nonprofit.

Through two campaigns, including a double date with a beloved celebrity couple and a trip to Portugal, Omaze has already raised more than $467,000 for Family Reach!

Bringing ideas to life 

Launched in January 2020, the first sweepstakes we worked on with Omaze was a Double Date with John Krasinski & Emily Blunt at the Premiere of A Quiet Place Part II. John and Emily are longtime supporters of Family Reach, and never shy away from creating unique ideas to raise funds – which is how this concept came to be. Talk about the ultimate red carpet experience!

The incredible team at Omaze – special shoutout to Emily Reinstein and Gregg Clifton – brought this idea to life seamlessly. From implementing clever marketing strategies, overseeing promotional videos, and ensuring our mission was at the center of it all, they didn’t miss a beat and kept us involved every step of the way.

“It was such an incredible experience working on this campaign to raise money and awareness for Family Reach. The team is filled with some of the best people I have met in my career.” shared Gregg Clifton, Director at Omaze. “John and Emily are so talented, and have some of the most passionate fans in the world. It was truly a pleasure to see this all come together.”

Where the magic happens

As the Quiet Place II campaign was finishing up, and before the pandemic changed life as we know it, I had the pleasure of visiting the Omaze team with Carla Tardif, Family Reach CEO, at their headquarters in Los Angeles. With its trendy vibes and lasting startup spirit, the office space is just as warm and vibrant as the people who work there.

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After a tour, Carla and I sat down with the entire staff to talk about the Family Reach mission and how their involvement is making a difference. In addition to showing how funds raised are helping to fuel our Financial Treatment Program, we highlighted how the awareness generated from these campaigns is just as impactful.

Many people across the nation are still unaware of the financial hardships that often accompany a cancer diagnosis. Families rarely realize the extent of these hardships until they experience them firsthand, which only adds to the physical and emotional struggles they’re already up against. Family Reach is equipped to reach patients with various resources before they hit these financial breaking points, but we need support in bringing the problem to the attention of the masses.

Omaze’s desire to help spread our mission in such a unique way is part of the larger solution in addressing financial toxicity. Reaching new audiences in addition to raising funds creates a lasting impact, and more importantly, lets families facing cancer know that help is available.

“I heard about Family Reach and how they help families through Omaze,” shared the dad of a cancer patient. “My wife stays home to care for our sick son along with our other two children. We have a single income and it’s not enough to cover our monthly expenses. I hate asking for help, but we’ve quickly realized this is going to be a long and strenuous journey. It’s exhausting mentally and financially.”

Part of the family

With all of the uncertainty and inspired action taking place in the world, it’s more important than ever to come together as one. We may be on opposite coasts, but the desire to support those in need will always unite our teams. Thank you for your partnership Omaze – we’re eager to see what’s next!

Be on the lookout for more campaigns and chances to win in 2020 and click here to show your support for the cancer community in the meantime.

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Autumn K. Dube
Senior Marketing Manager • Family Reach Staff

As Senior Marketing Manager at Family Reach, Autumn ensures brand consistency and oversees all digital marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and influencer relationships. She believes in authentic living, and a combination of hard work and magical thinking.

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