banner graphic_mission monday blog_KyleKyle is a very sweet and polite 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma right before Christmas last year. Kyle lives at home with his mother, Patti, his father, Jerry, and two siblings. Before Kyle’s diagnosis, both of his parents worked full-time, Patti as a project manager and Jerry as a corrections officer. Since the day he was diagnosed, Kyle’s treatment schedule and its side effects and complications have required an enormous amount of care from his parents. In the first three months following Kyle’s diagnosis, the family’s household income fell by more than 75%.

Kyle’s cancer is aggressive, requiring an intensive treatment protocol. He receives his cancer care and treatment at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, 60 miles each way from his home. Kyle’s current treatment schedule requires him to spend the day in the oncology clinic three times per week. In addition, in the first three months of his treatment, he has had several unexpected hospitalizations due to complications.

The costs associated with Kyle’s treatment: constant travel, high co-payments, medications, food and childcare for his siblings have taken an enormous toll on the family’s income. The combination of a significant drop in household income and high out-of-pocket treatment expenses propelled Patti and Jerry into a financial crisis just 3 months after Kyle’s cancer diagnosis.

Concerned that they were not able to remain current on their bills, Patti and Jerry spoke with their social worker at Floating Hospital for Children. Kyle’s parents were most concerned about paying their car payments. Without access to a vehicle, there would be no way to transport Kyle to Boston for his treatment. The family’s social worker immediately submitted an application to Family Reach for 4 month’s of car loan payments.

A $2,000 grant from Family Reach was approved within three days and payment was mailed directly to the family’s bank and auto financing company. These payments significantly reduced Patti and Jerry’s concern about their access to transportation. Now, these loving parents were guaranteed safe, reliable transportation to bring Kyle to treatment.

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