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Ottavio is a 6 year-old boy who just happens to be battling cancer. In September of 2014, he was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. Since then, he has become a warrior against his illness, fighting as hard as he can for his own recovery at Tufts Floating Hospital in Massachusetts. Ottavio lives with his parents, Iana and Lucio, in Reading, MA with his 9 year-old sister and baby brother. Ottavio’s family has been his rock during this tumultuous time; they have been by his side the whole time.

Ottavio’s family has played an active role in his treatment. Along the way, they found themselves struggling financially. Lucio, a self-employed businessman, has seen his company suffer since Ottavio’s diagnosis. Overwhelmed by the intensity of Ottavio’s treatment as well as caring for their new baby, Iana and Lucio found themselves in need of some financial help.

After learning of their situation, Family Reach stepped in to offer Iana and Lucio some financial relief. Ottavio’s parents were incredibly grateful for the grant they received from Family Reach to cover their mortgage payments as well as the holiday assistance we were able to provide. Iana and Lucio were also able to participate in Family Reach’s fundraising event Cooking Live, where they had the time of their lives. Inspired by Ottavio’s story, a donor from Cooking Live generously donated tickets to a Red Sox game as well as a baseball signed by David Ortiz to the grateful family.

Ottavio has finished his daily radiation procedures, and he is now receiving weekly chemotherapy. We are happy to report that he is responding well to treatment, and his prognosis for recovery is good. Ottavio looked healthy and strong as he enjoyed the Red Sox game, and his family participated in the launch of the Family Reach Give app. As Ottavio continues to receive chemotherapy, he faces a strong chance for recovery; he is well on his way to conquering cancer.

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