banner graphic_mission monday blog_MichaelKLast year, Michael was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was only six years old at the time. Since then, his road through treatment has been rocky. His parents, Stephen and Ida, have rallied around him as a loving and dedicated support system. Despite many setbacks related to his treatment, their commitment to his care has never wavered. In spite of several financial issues they’ve had to face, Michael’s family remains by his side during his complex treatment.

Since his diagnosis, Michael has had to have an intensive, 8 month long regimen of chemotherapy, which involved recurrent inpatient and outpatient care. After he completed this rigorous program, an MRI revealed that he still had residuals of the disease in his system. Now facing more rounds of intensive chemotherapy, his parents wonder how they will afford the escalating costs of Michael’s medical care.

Michael’s family has felt the effects of his cancer firsthand. Ida has had to go on an unpaid leave from her job as part-time nurse, and Stephen, who owns a flooring business, doesn’t get paid when he is unable to work. The family of six tried to rely on their incomes to stay current on their mortgage payments and related travel expenses, but found they simply couldn’t keep up.

Michael’s Boston area hospital was quick to connect his parents with Family Reach. We were able to give Michael’s family three traditional grants to cover their mortgage payments, and the Give app supported their mortgage payments for three months. “The help we have received […] has made it possible for our time and attention to be where it should be, on caring for our son,” Ida shares. Now Michael’s family can continue to give him the comfort and care he needs without worrying about their finances. They continue to inspire us with their strength and courage.

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