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Katherine is a devoted, single mother of three beautiful daughters (ages 15, 18 and 21), a new grandmother, and a crusader against cancer. Diagnosed in 2012, she continues to show a proactive, can-do spirit that won’t be broken. Despite three years of nearly constant chemotherapy and having to remain in-patient for extended periods of time, she is a dedicated provider for her close-knit family in North Carolina. In the face of cancer’s realities, she is a fighter who won’t be discouraged.

Katherine has been receiving treatment for cancer of the appendix at Duke University Medical Center since her diagnosis. She worked two jobs until this past November, when chemotherapy made her too ill to continue. The change in her condition and employment meant that her household income decreased by 100%. Katherine applied for food stamps and disability, but she learned that the payments wouldn’t begin for some weeks. This delay made her worry about how she would pay her bills.

After becoming aware of Katherine’s concerns, her social worker contacted Family Reach. We moved quickly to give Katherine a grant to cover critical support. We covered her mortgage, car payment and car insurance allowing her to maintain access to cancer care and treatment while she awaited longer term financial support to arrive.

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