Alex Mission MondayAlex is only one year old, and he has been seriously ill with what is known as Juvenile Myelomocytic Leukemia. In just a short period of time, his life and the lives of his family have been turned upside down. Alex is currently receiving inpatient care at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, where he has received chemotherapy. The development of his cancer has made it necessary for his medical team to aggressively seek a bone marrow transplant (BMT) to treat his condition. As Alex fights for his life, his parents remain at his bedside while he receives these treatments to give him the constant love and support he needs.

As you can imagine, Alex’s heartbreaking condition has impacted this family of six in many ways. The need for treatment has forced Alex’s family to close up their home in Anchorage, AK to gain access to the medical treatment that is so desperately needed for his condition. Alex’s siblings are currently under the care of relatives in Sacramento, CA, and the separation is trying. “One of the saddest parts is the parents being separated from their three other children while they remain bedside with their baby,” shares social worker Mark. As Alex’s family grapples with the realities of his condition, they remain his faithful support system.

After being displaced and receiving no income, Alex’s family knows the financial demands of Cancer firsthand. For Alex’s family, transportation to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital has been an unfortunate challenge. After being forced to borrow money from their relatives to cover flight costs and other related expenses, Alex’s family has been left worrying about how they will be able to cover the increasing financial demands coming their way and continue to be able to afford their basic human needs.

Family Reach has been able to contribute a significant grant to help Alex’s family cover their costs for transportation, childcare, groceries, and car payments. Although both Alex and his family continue to struggle with the effects of this advanced form of Leukemia, their financial burdens are now considerably less. Therefore, they can focus on getting Alex the best medical care he can get.

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