As the year comes to a close, we reflect on the tremendous generosity of the donors and partners who continue to make a difference for families fighting cancer through supporting Family Reach. In 2015, one group in particular exceeded our expectations by sharing an unprecedented amount of time, talent and treasure with Family Reach: members of our newly launched Industry Giving Circle.

The Industry Giving Circle is a collective of companies from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who have come together to support the Family Reach mission and expansion, as we strive to reach our bold goal of serving 100,000 individuals by 2020. Each of the founding members of this giving circle saw an opportunity to do something about the financial devastation that accompanies a cancer diagnosis, and we are truly grateful for their unwavering belief in our vision.

This year alone, the Industry Giving Circle raised nearly $1 Million – playing a critical role in our ability to serve nearly 10,000 people this year. It is with these partners that Family Reach will expand its footprint to a broader cancer population in underserved communities across the United States in 2016 and beyond. New initiatives that will come about as a result of this group include:

  • A more robust patient navigation platform
  • A new education program designed to better prepare patients for the financial road ahead
  • Family Reach’s first symposium, uniting voices from pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and patients to elevate awareness and develop new solutions for families facing financial hardship

We would like to give special thanks to the teams from Janssen Biotech Inc., Gilead Sciences, Inc., AbbVie Foundation, and Celgene Corporation for their strategic insight on the development of this platform and leadership as we launch these new programs. Stay tuned for details on the unique impact made by each of these partners and others throughout the New Year.

For more information about Industry Giving Circle membership, please contact Rosie Cunningham, corporate relations officer, at [email protected].

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