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From the CEO: Last Call To Fight for Cancer Equity in 2022

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We’re entering the last few weeks of 2022, which means Family Reach is closing in on 26 years of prioritizing financial health in cancer care.

Our proven interventions exist because cancer has a direct impact on finances — and vice versa. If you can’t afford your basic needs, cancer treatment takes a backseat.

I believe in a reality where finances no longer determine the outcome of a cancer diagnosis. When the research says that 1 in 3 adults with cancer won’t survive due to socioeconomic disparities1, I hear the calling for Family Reach to scale.

Ambar, 39
Family Reach helped 39-year-old Ambar pay rent so she could focus on recovering in the comfort of her home.

Addressing socioeconomic disparities in cancer care

We know that socioeconomic factors like educational status, employment, and community safety can outweigh the quality of care a patient receives. It makes sense — how effective is treatment if a parent skips their medication to put food on the table? Or if they can’t afford the gas to get to their care center?

At Family Reach, we know that in order to address socioeconomic disparities and improve access to care, we must prioritize:

  • Community: Meeting patients where they are
  • Navigation: Guiding them to the resources and help they need
  • Equity: Reaching them with a platform that is accessible to all

That’s why we spent 2022 building our Cancer Equity Initiative, launching pilots in the most at-risk communities, and redefining our programs and services. We’re excited by all that was accomplished and energized by the work we need to do in 2023.

Putting families first in 2022 and beyond

This year, we saw a 46% increase in demand for our services. We expect that number to grow in 2023, and we need your help to meet the demand.

We need your help supporting the thousands of families who put their jobs on hold, forfeiting income to care for their loved ones. Help for the single mom who was living paycheck to paycheck before she was diagnosed with cancer and couldn’t afford food for her children once treatment began. Help for the ones who stopped chemotherapy because they didn’t want to bankrupt their families.

Everyone deserves access to healthcare, and I’m proud of the progress Family Reach is making toward this. Through partnerships, collaboration, and the generosity of our community, Family Reach has provided financial support to 17,425 families facing cancer this year, but there are still so many more who need our help. I know we can reach them if we come together.

When you support Family Reach, you take a stand against inequities in cancer care. Thank you for believing in a better system for families touched by cancer.

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Carla Tardif
Chief Executive Officer • Family Reach Team

Running enthusiast, patient advocate, and CEO of Family Reach, Carla Tardif is a spirited leader who isn’t afraid to go the distance. She’s been leading the charge against the financial burden of cancer for over 15 years, making tangible impacts for cancer patients and their families through innovative solutions and collaboration.

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