Cute and Courageous: Payton Inspires the Family Reach Community

Get your sneakers and white t-shirts ready! The 5th Annual Rainbow Run, hosted by Fox Lane High School, John Jay High School, and Horace Greeley High School Reach Leadership clubs, is set for October 6, 2019. It’s a 5K with a colorful (and charitable) twist, as participants race through a rainbow of vibrant hues in support of our mission to eradicate the financial burden of cancer for families nationwide.

Payton is serving as inspiration for the students and participating runners this year. At just two-years-old, she’s an adorable cancer hero whose dad warns has a smile that can “light up the room and make even the grumpiest of people smile and melt.”

Meet the inspiration: Payton B

Payton lives with her parents, twin sister Mia, and older sister Sophia, who is 8 years old. Beyond the smiles, sibling fun, and typical two-year-old favorites like Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and Sesame Street, Payton’s story takes a turn that no parent wants for their growing toddler.

Sadly, Payton was diagnosed with High-Risk B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in October 2018. She’s had an extremely difficult time with treatment, which has only extended the process and pushed back remission and recovery. Payton and Mia have developmental delays due to a challenging pregnancy, which means she also has to visit the doctor frequently outside of her cancer treatment. What’s more, Payton’s mom is a stay-at-home mom, making her father, Eric, the sole provider.

“We knew we were in trouble financially from day one,” said Eric.

Payton’s dad has taken time off work – often unpaid – to be there for Payton during her intense treatment regimen. Thankfully, Payton and her family reached out to Family Reach in November 2018 and we were able to help with mortgage payments and provide a Hope for the Holidays grant to fund their holiday season. If all goes as planned, Payton will be in the maintenance stage later this month.

It’s families like these that inspire people around the nation to take a stand against Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT). The generous support of our community helps Family Reach keep running in the right direction. Let’s give it up for Payton and the Rainbow Runners!

Ready to run? Register for the Rainbow Run or donate to the event here.

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