5 Reasons To Give Hope for the Holidays

Whether it’s the festive meals, family time, snuggly moments, time off work, gifts, or all the above that gets you most excited, it’s finally the best time of the year! Consider the holiday spirit officially activated.

And here’s where we really tug on your heart strings: The cost of cancer doesn’t make it easy for families to look forward to this beloved time of year. We don’t want to put a damper on your holiday spirit, but we do want to show you how you can spread the magic of the season to families who need it most.

We call it Hope for the Holidays. It’s our annual giving program that provides financial support for cancer patients and their families. This support allows them to enjoy the holiday essentials that make this time of year so cherished. We know you have a lot of gifts to buy, but you should consider adding Hope for the Holidays to your list. Here’s why:

1. Make sure cancer doesn’t get in the way of celebrations 

When families are faced with the financial burden of cancer, they don’t always have the luxury to spend money on warm dinners, travel to their family’s houses, gifts, or winter clothes. Instead, they have to prioritize treatment costs, prescriptions, and basic needs.

Your Hope for the Holidays support gives them breathing room to make holiday meals, exchange gifts, and celebrate being together without worrying about additional unpaid bills.

2. Can anyone say no to these faces? 

You know that priceless look of pure joy on someone’s face when they open a gift? The surge of satisfaction when you totally nailed it with the perfect present? That’s exactly the kind of happiness we hope to extend to families through Hope for the Holidays with your help. These moments can be even more precious to families facing cancer, as they provide much-needed relief from the emotional, physical, and financial stress of treatment.

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3. The gift that keeps giving

Racking your brain for gift ideas? We can help with that, too! Not only will your Hope for the Holidays donation be an incredible gift to families facing cancer, but it is also a meaningful present for friends and family. Whether they’ve been touched by cancer or they’re the ones on your list who are difficult to shop for, donating on their behalf is a gesture that goes a long way.

4. John and Emily are supporters, too!

Family Reach's Cooking Live From New York: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Join Celebrity Chefs Ming Tsai, Morimoto, To Help Families Fighting Pediatric Cancer

Did you hear? Power couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are supporting Hope for the Holidays, and they would love to see you get in on the giving, too. More than that, the appreciation that comes from Hope for the Holidays recipients might get the waterworks going. Here’s a thank you note from a mom of a young cancer hero who received support last year:

“You’ve made me cry. I can’t thank you all enough. I truly can’t. It’s never about gifts, but it’s a tangible show of love for a seven-year-old facing cancer. This holiday would have turned out very differently if it wasn’t for the support of your community.”

5. Know where your money goes

When families receive their holiday grants, it renews their hope at a time when they’re grasping to find their holiday cheer. Any donation, no matter the size, helps us reach more families who are facing the financial barriers of cancer. You’ll see their stories shared on social and if you donate more than $500, we can provide you with a family story of a grant recipient. Together, we can break down some of those financial barriers this holiday season.

Ready to make a tangible difference for families facing cancer?

Make a donation, sponsor a family, or start your own fundraiser today! If you want to sponsor Hope for the Holidays or learn about corporate opportunities, please contact Alex, Senior Manager of Partnerships, at [email protected].

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Always walking the fine line between her right and left brain, Stevie brings her creative and strategic thinking to her role as Senior Creative and Brand Manager. Her work amplifies Family Reach’s voice and brings attention to the financial impacts of a cancer diagnosis.

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