#MissionMonday: Timothy
Timothy with his mom, Tammy.

#MissionMonday: Timothy

Timothy is 17 years old and an avid basketball fan. He is also a fighter of advanced metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma. He receives cycles of both chemotherapy and radiation and must go to the clinic at least once a week, oftentimes more, and has faced multiple urgent hospitalizations for various issues throughout his treatment.

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#MissionMonday: Isaac

Isaac is an adorable, happy and energetic two-year-old little boy originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua. Life was good until his mother began noticing blood in his urine when he was only 12 months old. After receiving proper assessment, Isaac’s family received the devastating news that their baby boy had embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder.

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Falmouth Road Race 2017: Meet our Reach Athletes!

We are excited to have such a motivated group of Reach Athletes running on behalf of the families we serve at the 45th annual Falmouth Road Race! Our runners will join more than 11,000 racers weaving their way through seven miles of picturesque Cape Cod.

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#MissionMonday: Jaslene

Jaslene is a sweet seven-year-old girl who is suffering from renal medullary carcinoma. It is a rare cancer of the kidney that is associated with sickle cell trait, which Jaslene has. Her cancer has not taken well to treatment and she remains in severe pain that limits her ability to walk.

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#MissionMonday: Madelyn

Madelyn is a two-year-old girl whose vigor and goofy personality has earned her the nickname “Little Bulldog.” She loves wearing superhero capes and building forts with her older sister, Callie. These activities were put on hold when Madelyn was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma in October 2016.

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