#MissionMonday: Juan

Juan is a nine-year-old boy who loves spending quality time with his family and playing with his sister. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July 2016 and is currently receiving treatment at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois.

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Q&A with JUST TRYAN IT’s Tim Moore
Tim high-fiving a young JUST TRYAN IT triathlete.

Q&A with JUST TRYAN IT’s Tim Moore

Family Reach is the proud distribution arm of JUST TRYAN IT, a nonprofit that raises awareness and funds for families battling cancer through children's triathlons.

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#MissionMonday: Oliver

Oliver was diagnosed with multifocal Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare cancer, as a baby in 2011. He completed treatment in 2013, but sadly relapsed only three years later.

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#SarcomaAwarenessMonth: Brendon

Brendon is a very active two-year-old. He loves to run around with his older sister, Kimberly, and spend quality time with his newborn baby brother, Matthew. Brendon was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma last January and is in the midst of a two-year treatment plan that requires frequent inpatient stays and clinic visits.

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#MissionMonday: Lauren

A brilliantly creative little girl, Lauren loves to paint, sing and use her imagination. Her family recognized that something was wrong when the normally energetic girl was becoming less tolerant of activity. Not long after, six-year-old Lauren was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma, a very rare cancer often found on the adrenal glands.

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#MissionMonday: Daletzi

In honor of Sarcoma Awareness Month, we are sharing the story of Daletzi, a beautiful and strong-willed young cancer survivor. Daletzi was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that develops from skeletal muscle cells, when she was only eight years old. She was treated at the University of Arizona Medical Center with a rigorous care plan and usually hospitalized at least once a month.

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