Family Reach relies on the hard work of many volunteers, staff, and consultants to perform day-to-day work. The following people are critical to the organization:

Carla Tardif

Chief Executive Officer

Dianne M. Lynch

Director of Events and Outreach

Corey Fick

Director of Operations / Chief of Staff

Christina McCarthy

Senior Program Manager

Brian Morello

Special Programs & Events Manager

Jennifer Lorencovitz

Social Work Manager

Rosie Cunningham

Director of Corporate Partnerships and Marketing

Laura Tirrell

Operations Coordinator

Nicole Ackerman

Family Coordinator

Jackie Lake

Social Worker

Susan Marshall

Foundation and Donor Relations Manager

Alex Lewis


Graphic Design and Website Coordinator

Lauren Mello


Communications Manager

Rebecca Lobb


Director of Programs and Research

Cindy Jones

cindy jones

Operations Manager

Become a Volunteer

Family Reach relies on volunteers to help run programs and events, and provide expertise in a number of areas. We will be developing a series of specific volunteer initiatives and networks to continue to build on our mission.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please call (973) 394-1411 or send an email to